We are located in Atacama Saltflat bassin, 7.9 km. from San Pedro de Atacama´s center, in the Ayllu of Poconche. We offer a unique open air place, with an amazing and artificial light clear , where verything has been made with an ecological sustainable sensibility.

Pirka is born in 1996 as an Expedition Company, mostly dedicated to rock art and mountain excursions. At the same, we were dedicated to agriculture and cattle in our family farm. Due to the small incomes of farming labors, we decide to create a new entrepreneurship; a camping service and the first music shop of the area, where we sold Andean music instruments. Never the less, our main focus and actual pride, was the study and preservation of atacameño´s ancestral music instruments, that are today exhibited at the Arqueological Museum Father Gustavo Le Paige.

We are a local family, so we know very well the area. We can orientate you to enrich your itinerary and discover Atacama deeper, trough Mountaineering, Archeology, Geology and Agriculture. We can also fuse with other local entrepreneurs to give you a unique and special service. We will make sure you get the best attention at our place and have a great experience!

Day & Night Restaurant, Events Center:

We serve Chilean&Atacama´s gastronomy, using ancestral ingredients such as meat, corn, wheat, quinoa, algarrobo and chañar seeds and local spices. Most of these recipes have been inherited for centauries by oral transmission.

Our specialty are typical meals such as Barbecue, Meats cooked in Mud Oven, lockro, pataska and the famous drink from Atacama made out from Algarrobo seeds, Ckilapana (Aloja).

The restaurant has carefully made by us, using local materials and the ancestral architectural style, named pirkales. We offer a nice and extended open air dining room and a bar, from where the guests can see how food is prepared.

From every corner of the Events Center you will have an amazing view of the Andes Mountain Range and its fabulous mountains, that that stand out with the colors of the evening. Then at night, the immensity of the Sky can be contemplated comfortably by the heat of a bonfire.

Our place is comfortable for the guests, but also for the people that provide services for them, and it is ideal for Meals, Weddings, Birthdays and Enterprises Events.

Rock Art Excursions:

We offer excursions to touristic unknown places where you can see old caravaneers routes and ceremonial centers used by the ancient inhabitants of Atacama, named Likan-Antai. You will be able to see different Rock Art styles, such as petroglyphs and painted ones, or the combination of both.

Andean Music Instruments selling:

We have many different instruments; Charangos, Quenas, Quenachos, Tarkas, and Zampoñas, and a great variety of folk latin American CD´s.


We have a large camping area where you can even park your Moto Home, at the feet of a big sand dune. On the top of it you can appreciate a marvelous 360° view of the landscape. It includes bathrooms, shower and kitchen.

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